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“Why does he get a kiss and I don’t?” #sexysnippets #erotic #suspense

Hello, sweeties. Welcome back to sexy snippets. So I'm slowly getting into the festive spirit. I had to buy a party dress and shoes for my daughter for her school year Christmas party. She's so excited about it.

Now for the sexy snippet. I have more from my latest book, Captive.

This is a playful scene but I think playful is sexy too. *winks* Enjoy the snippet.

She leaned across and pressed a kiss to Tope’s cheek before piling food in her plate.

“Why does he get a kiss and I don’t?” Bosco asked, brow raised although his lips tugged up at the corner.

“You ratted on me. You’re not my friend anymore.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Hey. He’s the one who spanked your bum,” Bosco protested with a laugh.

“And he’s the one who ordered my favourite breakfast.” She pouted before picking up an akara and taking a bite. She mewled at the taste of the fried beans ball.

Tope laughed and shook his head at both of them.


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