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"You had me more times than I can count yesterday" Making Scandal #MidWeekTease #Contempor

Happy Hump Day, sweeties.

Gosh, I forgot what day it was. Better late than never, right.

I have more teasers from The Essiens: Billionaires box set. This one comes from Making Scandal which is book 2 of the series.



Secrets, Scandals, and Seduction under African skies. The Essiens are the kings of African finance. A close-knit family, their father is the patriarch of a finance dynasty that ranges from retail to investment banking spanning the African continent. Yet all is not as it seems as the three brothers—Felix, Mark and Tony—soon discover when their family is rocked by secrets and scandals. Blood ties or not, family is family. If you like your book boyfriends to be tall, dark and handsome billionaires then say hello to the Essien brothers.

This box set includes:

  • Keeping Secrets #1 (Felix and Ebony)

  • Making Scandal #2 (Mark and Faith)

  • Riding Rebel #3 (Tony and Rita)


Now for the teaser.

Mark nodded and pulled out his smart phone to punch in a note on his calendar. A notification pinged that he had a message.

His pulse jumped in anticipation. The ID confirmed the text came from Faith. Not a day went by without some form of communication between them. He swiped the screen and opened the message.

How’s your day going?

The conversation around him had moved on to other, more domestic issues, so he excused himself. He needed to hear Faith’s voice although she’d only left his apartment a few hours previously.

He strode outside into the gazebo and pressed the button to dial her number. She picked it at the first ring.

"Hello, handsome." Her velvety voice came through.

A smile curled his lips. It always did when she addressed him that way. "Hi, sweetheart. What are you doing?"

"Just chilling. I was trying to sort out my chores since I spent all of yesterday hanging out with you."

His smile got wider as he remembered all they’d done the previous day. A lot of it had been spent horizontal, even if not all in bed.

"I can’t seem to think about anything else when I’m around you."

"Yeah, don’t I just know it. Muscles I didn’t know I had are still aching."

He chuckled. "Sex is a great workout, you know."

She laughed this time, the tinkling sound going right through to his groin. His granite need swelled and he groaned out loud.

"Do you know what the sound of your laughter does to me? I want you right now."

"Mark!" She giggled. "You had me more times than I can count yesterday."

"I’m just saying. You make me feel like a horny teenager, and I can’t seem to get enough of you."

"You make me feel like a beautiful, desirable woman, and I love it when you touch me." Her silky voice dropped an octave, setting fire to his body.

"You are killing me," he growled and shut his eyes, imagining her bare, curvaceous body under his as he rode her, driving both of them to completion. "I’m going to need a very cold shower tonight."

"Perhaps you should come over, after all."

He opened his eyes. He found himself very tempted to hop into his sports car and race over to her house right now. His family wouldn’t be happy if he cut short their Sunday ritual, though. They hadn’t had dinner yet. He took a deep breath and common sense prevailed.

"But you said you had chores to do."

"It’s all done now."

He let out a sigh. She’d complained of being sore and he didn’t want to be selfish, as much as his body hated him for that choice. "I rode your body pretty hard yesterday, partly because I knew I wouldn’t see you today. I think you should rest."

"Aww. Spoilsport," she said, but he heard the humour in her voice.

He laughed out loud and stopped when he spotted his mother walking towards the gazebo. "Listen, I’ve got to go."

"Okay, But call me later tonight. I think I’m in the mood for some phone sex." She giggled.

He suppressed a groan. "Oh, I’m going to get you for that."

"Promise?" she teased.

"Bye, sweetheart."

"Bye, handsome."


Did you enjoy the teaser? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Don't forget to check out the fab writers participating in Mid Week Tease, thanks to Angelica Dawson.



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