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“You’re a naughty girl” #MidWeekTease #ComingSoon #amwriting #eroticromance

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease where we tantalise you with excerpts from published books or works in progress. This event is organised by the lovely Angelica Dawson and every writer is welcome to join in. Just visit the Mid Week Tease page to sign up.

Today I bring you more from my current writing project, Worthy (Challenge series #3) and we continue from where we left off in last week's teaser.

Remember this is still an unedited first draft. Enjoy.

The music changed. A faster beat this time with a throbbing baseline than vibrated throughout the space and bounced off the walls. But they didn’t separate and Peter didn’t let go of her.

What are you doing? The small voice in her head nagged. Don’t get comfortable. You're not on a date. You're working.

She sighed. She’d never been this relaxed in the company of a man before now. She'd almost forgotten the reason she was here and just gotten lost in the moment. She needed to up the game.

When the track changed a third time, she twisted around, her back to his chest, her bum to his crotch. She rolled her hips, feeling the rock of his erection against the flimsy material of her dress. She felt an answering arousal pool between her legs.

Another first. She knew how to walk the talk. She played the game often enough, she mastered pretending to be aroused in male company. But actual arousal? The knickers-soaked kind that made her want to climb a man—this man—and ride his cock just for the pure pleasure of it? Nah. Never.

This had to be a fluke. Perhaps because Anuli had kissed her earlier and her body was already primed.

Peter gripped her with one arm around her stomach and the other holding onto her left hip.

“You’re a naughty girl,” he said in a gruff voice. The warm air from his breath fanned the column of her neck making it even more sensitive. She wished he would place his lips there but he didn’t.

“What are you going to do with me for being bad?” She turned her head to speak so he could hear her above the music.

He chuckled and the sound vibrated through her making her smile.

“We’ll see.”

She allowed her head to fall onto his shoulder, one hand on his hip and the other on his arm. This had to be the most intimate dance she’d ever had in public.

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