You want to end our marriage because you think I don’t love you? #LAPLoveNotes @KiruTaye

Welcome back to #LAPLoveNotes where writers share teasers from the work-in-progress or published stories. Are you a writer and want to join in the fun, add the link to your post HERE.

This week's teaser is taken from Bound to Passion, Bound series Book 3.

“You want to end our marriage because you think I don’t love you?” He couldn’t hide the incredulity from his voice.

“I know you don’t love me.”

“Oh, you know. Right.” Stunned, he stiffened his spine. After eight years, she could turn around and tell him that? “So if you know everything, why does it suddenly matter now? We were together for so many years before we got married. Why now?”

“Because we’re married, and I expect my husband to love me.”

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