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Title: The Future King

Author: Kiru Taye

Series: Royal House of Saene #8

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: royalty, woman scorned, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage



Prince Azikiwe didn’t get the ‘Player Zik’ moniker by chance. Life is for living, and rules are boring. Then his older brother jilts his betrothed and abdicates his royal title. Suddenly the constrictive crown prince title is thrust upon Zik, and his partying days come to an abrupt halt. The least of his worries, though. Now, he contends with the scorned, furious bride chosen for him and a nation at risk of falling into anarchy. Does he have what it takes to become the future king?



Blown away by Amara’s words, Zik reverted to a bad habit, dismissing it with a joke because she couldn’t really be telling him the truth. She couldn’t really be saying he was good enough to be king.

“Sounds like you should be the monarch instead,” he teased.

“Maybe when you become king and die, then I can become the monarch,” she retorted, swatting him hard several times.

“Hey, you’re already thinking about killing me off.” He laughed, reaching for her.

“Yes, because you’re impossible. I’m trying to be serious, and you keep joking.” She shifted away and crossed her arms over her chest, sulking.

“Okay. I’ll behave.” He slipped off the sofa to his knees in front of her, clasping her thighs. “Omalicha, ngwa ndo. Biko.”

She loved it when he spoke Igbo to her. As expected, her frown thawed, and a reluctant smile brightened her face.

He tugged her arm and pressed a kiss to her knuckles. “You know I don’t like seeing you upset.”

“Then stop upsetting me.” She pouted, adorably. “I’m trying to tell you something important. You might not believe in yourself. But I believe in you.”

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