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A SUITORS & SWEETHEARTS EXCERPT: Bound to Fate by Kiru Taye #AfricanRomance

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Between now and the release date for Suitors & Sweethearts African Romance Box Set, I will be sharing excerpts from each book in the box set.

First up is Bound to Fate. Enjoy the teaser.

EXCERPT from Bound to Fate by Kiru Taye:

Have you got two minutes?” Olu poked his head into Ike’s office.

“Sure.” Ike stood up and grabbed his jacket from the back of his leather armchair. “I was just heading out for a meeting. We can walk and talk.”

“Good,” Olu said as Ike headed towards him and shut the door after he’d exited the room. “I just wanted to let you know we’ve recruited the final member of the Baytown project. I just finished the interview.”

“That’s a quick decision.”

“She is the best of the candidates we’ve seen and will make a good fit to the team. I didn’t see the point in holding off any longer.”

“Great. Well done. I’m keen to get the ball rolling on this project. I presume Jane’s already onto HR about the contract.”

“She is. I told the young lady to wait and pick up the contract. In fact, she’s waiting in Jane’s office. Do you have a sec to meet her?”

“Of course.”

Olu led the way and Ike turned in the direction of Jane’s office.

He saw the girl then. She was dark-skinned, with a heart-shaped face and wide brown eyes. Something in the back of his mind prickled as there was something familiar about her.

In a few seconds, he was standing in Jane’s office in front of the girl and recognition dawned.

It couldn’t be. This person standing in front of him looked so different. For starters, the hair was short and had red streaks in it. The girl he’d know five years ago had long braids and was too conservative and introverted to ever colour her hair such a loud shade. Secondly, the glasses were missing.

“Lara, I wanted you to meet our MD, Ike Thomas” Olu said. “This is Lara Johnson, the new project planner.”

It was her.

He’d banned anyone he knew from mentioning that name for the past five years. After the night that everything changed. He hadn’t wanted to think of her because he knew he would’ve gone looking for her if only to make sure she was okay.

And what if she wasn’t? He wouldn’t have been able to live with himself.

Seeing her now, she looked okay. In one piece. So it had been a good thing to walk away. She’d survived. He’d survived. The world had moved on.

Ike’s muscles went rigid as the breath whooshed out of him. It took him a few heartbeats to recover enough to speak. “Welcome to Thomas International. We’re looking forward to having you on board.”

He didn’t stretch out his hand to shake hers, afraid of what physical contact with her would do to him.

“Thank you, Mr. Thomas,” she said in a tense tone. “I look forward to working here.”

She smiled but it seemed forced.


Suitors & Sweethearts limited-edition box set.

6 contemporary romance stories celebrating African Joy.

Journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra, Ghana, from Curepipe, Mauritius to Las Vegas, USA, and meet swoon-worthy book baes. The happy ending is guaranteed!

Pre-order your copy for only 99 cents! The price goes to $3.99 after release.

This limited-edition box set introduces 6 exciting and heart-warming book series by African authors. Prepare for enthralling stories of passion, love, and African joy!

Tropes: second chance romance, forbidden love, one-night stand, rockstar romance, and billionaires.

Publication date: February 7th, 2023

eBook ISBN: 978-1-914226-30-4

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-914226-31-1

Pages: 1050

BOUND TO FATE by Kiru Taye

All Ike wants to do is to keep out of trouble and get through the one-year internship required for his degree program. But trouble finds him, in the form of the intelligent and brave Lara who turns his world upside down. Falling in love is forbidden. So why does it feel so right? Love like theirs cannot be denied. But catastrophe lies in wait and one-night changes their lives forever.

VEGAS NIGHTS by Unoma Nwankwor

A woman scared of being hurt again is bent on playing it safe. A man determined to stay focused and never experience poverty again. One night on the wild side that changes everything.


Blaise is on the verge of taking African Francophone countries by storm with his new style of music. Learning how to sing in French without butchering the beautiful language is harder than he thought. Multi-linguist, Lamisi is the key to his success. When his presence in her life puts her in danger, will he end the budding relationship in order to keep her safe?


When Lord—his given name, not a title—sets his sights on Chantelle, he has more than work on his mind. Yet, even the infamous playboy couldn’t have predicted the magnetic attraction from the moment they met, nor the evening ending with more than just an interview. But now he has to convince Chantelle that their one-night stand wasn’t a mistake... and that not all bachelors are heartbreakers.


Eldest sister of the Hemant sibling trio, Lara, returns to Mauritius as a divorcee and she comes across Eric, the man she loved as a teenager and gave up because their interracial relationship would not stand a chance on this island. But here comes a second chance: Eric wants her back in his life, and he will stop at nothing to win her back. Will Lara be her own worst enemy and thus end up unhappy ever after?


"Efe Sagay grew up and went to school in Nigeria. While attending school she met the love of her life, her soul mate, the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with...Kevwe Mukoro. And the feelings were duplicated by Kevwe. As soon as Efe graduated, they would be married. This was the dream and this was the plan. But real life doesn't always see things the way we do. The perfect future can always be destroyed by unforeseen circumstances." ~ Martha A. Cheves, Author.





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