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Are you a holder or a breather? #amwriting #research #kissing

Help me out with a little writing research, please.

When you share a kiss with your lover/partner/spouse, do you hold your breath while you're kissing or do you continue breathing during the act.

I'm curious because I've always assumed that people hold their breaths. At least, I do when I kiss. I can't help it. My breath is taken away in the passionate moment.

This is why most if not all my characters hold their breaths while kissing and end up panting for breath when they break the kiss (art imitating life. ;))

But I found out that some people continue breathing while kissing. So I'd like to do a quick survey.

Simply leave a comment and tell me if you're a BREATHER (someone who continues breathing during kisses) or a HOLDER (someone who holds their breath during kisses).

Also is your partner a breather or a holder?

I'd love to know your answers. Thank you.



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