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Calling beta-readers | The Tainted Prince #contemporaryromance

Hi sweeties. Hope everyone is doing well.

I'm getting ready to work on The Tainted Prince and I'm asking for beta-readers.

TTP is part of the Royal House of Saene contemporary romance series which focuses on the members of the Bagumi royal family. The Tainted Prince is about Zawadi who is the oldest sibling and the crown prince.

He features on the page in the first 3 books of the series:

His Inherited Princess by Empi Baryeh and

His Captive Princess by Kiru Taye.

To beta read this, you would have read His Captive Princess at least because there is an overarching plot from this book that feeds into The Tainted Prince. It would also be fab if you've read the other two princess stories to get an overall feel for his character.

If you're interested in beta-reading this, please visit my forum and leave a comment on the post HERE

Title: The Tainted Prince

Author: Kiru Taye

Series: Royal House of Saene #6

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: royalty, celebrity/commoner, female bodyguard

Release date: Sept 30, 2021



Crown Prince Zawadi has prepared for one thing all his life—to become the next king of Bagumi Kingdom. Driven by the need to uphold the traditions and the prestigious name of the Royal House of Saene, he strives to balance culture and technology in building a better nation. Until his perfect world becomes tainted by an assassination attempt and a woman who goes against everything he believes.

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