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Beware the angry goddess #amwriting

I was challenge to do the #sevenline challenge by a few author friends on Facebook. I'll post it here for those of you not on Facebook.

Here are the rules: "Post the first seven lines of your latest #WIP then tag #seven #Author #Friends to do the same. You can post up to 2 books."

This is taken from the opening scene of Sacrifice, which is the sequel to Outcast (Sacred Amulet #2). Enjoy the teaser <3

"He dared to defile my chosen!" Osimiri's angry voice bounced off the cavernous walls of the chamber where the deities held court.

"They are in love," Ala, the earth goddess said, casting an affectionate glance at her husband Anyanwu, the sun god who beamed a smile in response. "Being mated was the logical step for them."

"What love?" Osimiri rolled her eyes heavenwards in disdain. As the goddess of the sea, Osimiri didn't believe in love, after being betrayed by a lover. She was known to unleash her wrath on men at the slightest provocation, and along with her sirens had led many unsuspecting men to their ruins.


So yes, you guessed right. I'm writing.



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