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Book news! The Yadili series rebrand

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Hello lovelies,

During a recent interview, I was asked: Kiru, you have so many book series. Which series was your favourite to write?

At the time, I struggled to come up with an answer because I love every series and book that I’ve written and picking one is like picking a favourite child, isn’t it.

On reflection, however, one series stands out for me. Not because I love the others less. But it gave me creative freedom that I didn’t have with the other book series. Also, the series currently has me in its tight grip. LOL

And that is the Yadili series (previously known as the Enders series).

I love these larger-than-life characters who walk the fine line between safety and danger. They love so hard that you can’t help falling in love with them and will b*rn sh!t down to protect the people they love. And, of course, I love keeping my readers on the edges of their seats. 😊

So, I’ve chosen this for my first significant series rebrand to focus on the fundamental aspects of the series.

  • Its Africanity (hence the name change to Yadili)

  • Its genre (dark romance/mafia romance/urban romance)

  • Its fantasy setting (many of the locations are totally fictional)

  • Its uniformity (focused on a band of brothers/sisterhood)

Without further ado, here are the covers for the existing books. Ta-dah!

I love these gorgeous covers so much. The matte finish paperbacks are superb to hold and would be beautiful on any bookshelf.

Even better, when you buy paperbacks in this series, you can scan the hidden QR code to receive exclusive bonus content, including deleted and post-HEA scenes.

What readers are saying about the Yadili series:

“You outdid yourself again Kiru.”

“Like always once I start reading Kiru Taye’s books I can’t put it down!”

“I absolutely loved Xandra and Ebuka’s story!!”

“Xandra was a book! I couldn’t put it down.”

“This story so far is my favorite.”

“This is another fantastic addition to the series.”

Where to get your paperback from

The series at Amazon

The series at Barnes & Noble

The series at Waterstones

Coming soon to Page Bookstore Ikeja, Lagos

AVAILABLE in eBook and Paperback from:

Amazon Paperback currently not linked to eBook

Books in the Yadili Universe:

6. Rise of Kane

7. King of Clubs

8. Sugar Daddy

9. Ace of Spades

10. Gold Digger

PS: I love the new covers. What about you?



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