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You said you wanted discrete covers! Well, I listened | Cover Re-Reveal

The Challenge Series refresh is coming in paperback on 1st December 2023. Treat yourself and dress your bookshelves this holiday season with these great African romance books and fabulous new discrete covers.

1. Valentine —When Michael's friends set him a challenge, he is expecting a walk in the park until he tangles with feisty Kasie. Will either of them escape the encounter unscathed?

2. Engaged —A one-night stand in London isn’t enough for Paul but when Ijay shows up in Nigeria she is out of bounds and wearing another man’s engagement ring.

3. Worthy —When Tessa meets Peter, she knows their dalliance will never be serious. Try telling that to Peter who seems to only have one ON mode—intense—and is single-mindedly determined to have all of Tessa.

4. Captive —Anuli has plans to deal with her dark past and the only option is to escape before Tope (and Bosco) totally consume her.

PREORDER the SERIES BUNDLE (Books 1-4) and receive 2 new exclusive bonus stories for free:

5. Wedded—Three couples and a big, fat, Nigerian wedding! Features Michael and Kasie, Paul and Ijay, Peter and Tessa among some new characters who will appear in a secret #sportromance project coming in 2024.

6. Yuletide—Anuli knows what she wants for Christmas: both of her men home safely for the festivities. But is Santa going to grant her wish and most of all, has she been a good girl this year?

These bonus stories will be exclusive via my website to readers who purchase the bundle.

After release, the bundle will cost $53 + P&P (or ₦30,000 +P&P).

Preorder the series bundle (Books 1-4) for $40 + P&P and save $13. (Or ₦20,000 +P&P and save ₦10,000)

Plus, you receive the 2 bonus stories free when you preorder.

The preorders will be shipped to you on or before 1st December 2023.

Those in Nigeria will receive their bundle from Nigeria, so no need for international shipping costs.

Complete the form to preorder yours:



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