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Call for submissions - Anti-heroes Anthology #writing #Africa

At this time, Love Africa Press is looking for short stories to go into the Love Africa™ Anti-hero(in)es Collections to be published in August 2019.

Stories should be:

· Romantic Suspense or Crime Thrillers with strong romantic elements.

· We want bad boys/girls and dark hero(in)es, gangsters and vigilantes, rule-breakers and rogues. Your lead tarnished characters must be sympathetic and better still, empathetic, even when they are breaking hearts and shedding blood.

· Think John Luther from the Luther TV series, or Omar Little from The Wire or Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy or Patty Hewes from Damages.

· African lead characters please.

· Stories set mainly in Africa preferred, although we’ll take stories featuring Africans outside Africa.

· Length: 10K to 20K word count

· Heat level: sweet to spicy

· Optimistic ending with Happy For Now or Happy Ever After

Have you got what it takes to write such stories?

Spaces are limited. Submit your story today to loveafricapub@gmail.com

Feel free to ask any questions. Publication contracts will be offered for successful submissions.

Manuscripts formatting guidelines:

· FORMAT: doc,

· FONT: Times New Roman,

· SIZE: 12

· LINE SPACING: Double-spaced

Submission Deadline: June 9, 2019

Publication Date: August 2019

Find us across social media:

T: https://twitter.com/LoveAfricaPress

F: https://www.facebook.com/LoveAfricaPress/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/loveafricapress/

For more information on the submissions guidelines visit: https://www.loveafricapress.com/submissions