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Drowning by Backstreet Boys #MusicMonday

Hi Sweeties,

Every Monday, on my social media pages, I share partial lyrics that lift my spirits to kickstart the week as part of #MusicMonday and #MondayMotivation

I'm going to start sharing YouTube videos of the songs on my blog as an easy way to listen.

For this week I've chosen Drowning by Backstreet Boys because it is the soundtrack for Saving Her Guard which is out in August. You can preorder it now.


'Cause every time I breathe I take you in

And my heart beats again

Baby I can't help it

You keep me drowning in your love

And every time I try to rise above

I'm swept away by love

Baby I can't help it

You keep drowning in your love

Have an awesome week. 💞💞💞



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