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The one where he melted my heart | THE TAINTED PRINCE #amwriting #RHOSaene #ContemporaryRomance

I fell in love with Zawadi Saene in this scene as he flexed his big brother muscles. Check out the teaser from THE TAINTED PRINCE below.

Kweku poured coffee into a porcelain cup, took it, and walked towards the glass window that overlooked the rising golden sun and teal-blue ocean. “Where the hell are we, anyway?”

“In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”

“Why?” He turned to face Zawadi.

“Because I needed to talk to you,” Zawadi said. “I want to hear from you what happened between you and Isha ten years ago when she was a student in London.”

“Why should I tell you? I’m sure she’s already told you all kinds of stories.”

“Tell me anyway. Because what you tell me will determine if I deliver you safely to Wanai or whether I call Sheikh Al-Farouk to pick you up.” Although not a device he liked to use, Zawadi could be ruthless towards those who threatened the people he loved.

Kweku jolted, spilling hot black coffee on himself.

“F**k,” he cursed, reaching for a napkin to dab shirt and trousers. He stared at Zawadi with wide distressed eyes and swallowed. “You know Al-Farouk?”

It seemed Kweku was more scared of the sheikh than he was of facing justice in his home country.

“Of course, I know Al-Farouk. We were all at Sandhurst together, remember?” Zawadi was disgusted that Kweku had stooped to having an affair with a married woman and the wife of their close friend. It went to show the man as dishonourable and untrustworthy. He was ashamed he had cared enough about Kweku to invite him to meet his family and especially his sister.

With his patience running out, he pulled the phone from his pocket. “Get talking, Kweku or I’m calling Al-Farouk.”

Kweku shifted uncomfortably. “You’re really going to snitch on me? Zawadi, I’m your friend.”

“And yet you did not respect our friendship. Tell me what you did with my sister. Now.” He waved the phone.


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If you want to know the full gist about what happened between Kweku and Isha (Zawadi's sister) read HIS CAPTIVE PRINCESS. Here's the link:



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