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Free alternative book promo options #Nigeria #TwitterBan #KeepItOn

Following the Nigerian government’s ban on the use of Twitter, here are some free practical ways to promote your books and reach readers.

Love Africa Book Club

Submit a book feature request to Love Africa Book Club. This is a free service and the feature will be shared across social media as well as the blog. Here's the link


Connect with Nigerian readers on Instagram when you post using these hashtags:

Other useful hashtags


Join the following groups to connect with readers and promote your books:

Other groups where you can promote your books include:

Words Turn Me On - Project Promote Your Book

Fiction Writers of West Africa

There are many more groups on Facebook that allow book promos. For example, simply type in a keyword like ‘books’ in the Facebook search bar and select ‘Groups’ in the filter to see all the groups you can join to promote books. Different groups have different promo rules. So, make sure you read and adhere to them. Best to search and select groups that revolve around your target audience like ‘romance books’ etc.

For those in Nigeria still using Twitter,

Be aware that if you use a free VPN service, you are giving your data to the VPN owner. This includes banking details and personal information, which they may sell on to fraudsters.

It is best for you to research the paid VPN options but even those can be expensive.

Finally, there is a legal advice service offering free help for anyone harassed, intimidated, or facing criminal prosecution for using Twitter. SERAP is based in Lagos. You can contact them at +234 816 053 7202 or 0800-CALLSERAP or 0800 2255 73727

If you have other suggestions, please leave a comment. Thanks.



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