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He drove himself insane thinking of her this way #sexysnippets #asmsg

A little late with today's sexy snippet. But I promise you'll enjoy it. It comes from Kola, the 4th book in the Essien series.

The hesitancy in her voice and the hint of heat in her gaze sent a surge of energy through him. For a moment, he pictured her strapped to the chair, hands immobile at the back, full breasts thrust forward, thighs spread apart, and ankles secured to a chair foot each.

Her gaze would be tilted up at him, offering him what he'd craved and thought impossible—her total surrender. He would cook breakfast while enjoying the view she presented, feed her, and watch her eat with relish. Then he would have his meal, taste every delectable inch of her, and drive her insane until she begged for him to take her.

His body tightened, blood surging to his groin.


He drove himself insane thinking of her this way.



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