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Meet Ethan. Guess his love match and win #giveaway #amwriting

Here's a #humpdayhottie. His name is Ethan and he's a character you met in Freddie Entangled. He's going to get his own story. But I want you to guess his love interest. Five people who guess correctly will win FREE copies of Freddie Untangled (Freddie Part 2).

So here are your options for his love match. A) Bukky from the Essien series B) Tolani from Freddie Entangled C) Donna from Freddie Entangled D) Ada from Bound to Fate E) Jocelyn from the Bound series F) James from the Bound series

You are allowed ONLY ONE GUESS, so think about it. Also tell me why you chose the option. ;) Leave your answer in the comment. If more than 5 people guess correctly, I'll pick winners randomly from the correct answers.

Here's a teaser from Freddie Entangled where we meet Ethan for the first time.


“Masters, Mistresses, and Submissives.” Tolani’s voice made Kike open her eyes. “Welcome, and thank you for gracing this occasion. As promised, we have a Master of Ropes in the house today. He is ready for the demonstration. So please give a warm welcome to Master Ethan.”

The group clapped as a man in leather trousers and boots and who’d been standing at the entrance stepped into the room. Now that her view wasn’t blocked by Freddie, Kike could see that a mid-height, wide dark table had been set up in the middle of the large room like a platform.

“Thank you so much for inviting me here today, Mistress Tolani,” Master Ethan said as he dumped a black leather bag on the table. His bare torso showed honed muscles that rippled as he moved. “Hello, my name is Ethan, and I’m a former commissioned officer of the US Marines Corp.”

There were gasps and murmurs around the room.

Ethan smiled. “Yes, I know you’re wondering what I’m doing in Lagos. Well, these days, I work for a private firm here in Nigeria. And to be honest, my roots are right here. My parents are Nigerians, although I grew up in the US.”

He reached into the bag and pulled out an entwined length of hemp rope. “Growing up, I had an interest in martial art, and I found out that Japanese Samurai warriors had a martial art of restraining prisoners with rope called Hojo-justu. My interest in Hojo-justu later moved on to Kinbaku, which is the art of erotic bondage.”

As he talked, he unwound the rope, wrapping it around his arms. She was transfixed, watching him. There was something utterly sensual about the way he spoke as he wound the rope. It was hypnotising.

“Donna is going to be my model for this demonstration.” He nodded, and Donna stepped forward. She wore a red silk robe. He took her right hand with his left and helped her onto the platform. “Please note that you shouldn’t try this at home with a live model until you’ve practiced the knotting techniques with a dummy first.”

Donna knelt on the table.

Copyright Kiru Taye 2017


You've met Ethan. Now tell me: who is his love match?

Good luck.

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