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Meet the #RHOSaene princes: Zawadi and Azikiwe #contemporaryromance #preorder

Did you miss the Royal House of Saene: The Princes cover reveal on Friday.

No stress. You can still check out all the posts.

Meanwhile, I can finally show these off here.


First up. Stand and bow in deference to the man who was born to rule. I present his Royal Highness, Crown Prince Zawadi Saene of the Kingdom of Bagumi.


LOL. Are you laughing yet?

That’s Zawadi for you. He is all about protocol and you don’t get an audience with him if you don’t follow the rules.

I have to admit I was reluctant to write his story. See, I fell in love with his brother first. But we’ll come to Zik later. Also, Zawadi is a perfectionist, which has me shaking my head.

But the joy of writing his character is in stripping his armour and laying the man bare. An assassination attempt on him shakes him up. For the first time in his life he has to face some home truths about being a crown prince. And while vulnerable, the woman who is there to protect him becomes his confidante. A woman he wouldn’t have given a second thought before the attempt on his life. It’s quite a journey for him and a fall from grace.

What are your thoughts about the cover? I’d love to know.

Zawadi is a stoic character. He is a traditionalist, a man who knows his place in the world until the assassination attempt. So, I’ve chosen a scene of one of the rare occasions when he is emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

I would love to know what you think about the excerpt. Enjoy.


EXCERPT (unedited draft)

The moment Danai shifted to rise from the settee, Zawadi stopped caring about rules and protocols.

He tilted his head and raised his hand, cupping her cheek. It was the first time he’d touched her intentionally.

Her skin was smooth milk chocolate. Her breath hitched, seemingly shocked by his action. Her lips parted slightly as if an invitation to kiss her.

The big moment didn’t pass him by—the seriousness and consequences of his actions, not just on his life but on the kingdom.

He, who had never deviated from the plan set about when he was born, was about to take a massive detour.

He hesitated, teetering over the edge of an invisible cliff. This oasis was far removed from the rest of the world. Yet, others would feel the impact of his deeds.

After the attempt on his life, he’d escaped to this desert palace, where he was surrounded by vaults of ancient scrolls and shelves of books. He’d come to immerse himself in his favourite pastime—studying and preserving his country’s history and culture.

Yet, he’d discovered something else. A yearning so intense, so overwhelming, he was coming undone at the seams.

Danai, on her part, stayed composed. Aside from the steady pulse at the base of Danai’s brown eyes, she didn’t show any anxiety or annoyance. She seemed to watch him without judgement, which strengthened his resolve.

She understood the risks he was about to take, had never pressured him into doing anything about the spark that existed between them from the first time they’d met. The time they’d spent together, her always by his side—the conversations they’d had. Slowly, over time, without knowing it, he’d become emotionally attached to her.

Then she’d laid her cards on the table, told him she cared about him. She’d seen his vulnerability, his fears, and hadn’t been repulsed. Hadn’t thought less of him.

Now she waited, perhaps wondering if he would take this to the next level and kiss her.

Title: The Tainted Prince

Author: Kiru Taye

Series: Royal House of Saene #6

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: royalty, celebrity/commoner, female bodyguard

Release date: Sept 30, 2021



Crown Prince Zawadi has prepared for one thing all his life—to become the next king of Bagumi Kingdom. Driven by the need to uphold the traditions and the prestigious name of the Royal House of Saene, he strives to balance culture and technology in building a better nation. Until his perfect world becomes tainted by an assassination attempt and a woman who goes against everything he believes.


My love affair with Azikiwe started many years ago when I first envisioned writing the story of a modern African prince in a story titled ‘Lost Prince, Reluctant Bride’. Those of you who were following me back in those days would have read the excerpts at the time.

However, over the years the character and the story has evolved and become part of the Royal House of Saene.

Azikiwe is everything his brother Zawadi isn’t—fun-loving, carefree, charming, rule-breaker (to Zawadi’s chagrin). He is a YOLO (you only live once) man. Knowing Zawadi was going to become king gave Zik the freedom to live because he didn’t want any of the restrictions that came with being crown prince.

And then Zawadi does the unthinkable and flips Zik’s world upside-down.

Without further ado, meet Prince Azikiwe (Zik) Saene. He’s not a happy chap.

I’d love to know what you think about the cover.

As I mentioned previously, Zawadi really drops Zik into hot water when he abdicates. And one of the thorns on Zik’s side is his new bride by arranged marriage.

Amara is the woman Zawadi jilted when he found love and she is on the war path. Unfortunately Zik is on the receiving end. Poor chap.

Let me know what you think about the excerpt. Enjoy.


“What have I done to you to deserve this hatred?” Zik asked. He understood her anger, considering the circumstances. However, he was the good guy here. He’d done the decent thing.

Still, the level of vitriol in her tone indicated there was more going on.

“You’re not Zawadi,” Amara bit out in a contempt-filled voice, her gaze fixed at a point beyond his right shoulder, her chin tilted imperiously.

Zik staggered backwards. That fucking hurt. He hated being compared to his older brother. He’d done everything not to be like the ‘perfect’ Zawadi. However, it seemed he’d fallen way short of Amara’s standards.

“And yet he jilted you.” As soon as he said it, he regretted it. She was hitting below the belt. Didn’t mean he had to hit back.

Her eyes widened, and then narrowed. The haughty expression returned to her face as she straightened her shoulders. “And that shows how low I’ve fallen when I end up with a jerk like you.”

“Excuse you.” Zik stalked towards her. “Zawadi jilts you, and I’m the jerk? Just in case it skipped your mind. I saved your face out there. I stepped in and rescued you and your family from the public humiliation.”

The palace press coordinator spun the story in the media—Zik and Amara had always been in love. Zawadi’s abdication only provided an opening for them to be together.

“Exactly.” She glared at him, not budging when he stopped an arm’s length away. “It is your brother’s mess, and you’re the one cleaning it up. So, you will put up with my scorn and hatred for however long I deem it reasonable.”

Title: The Future King

Author: Kiru Taye

Series: Royal House of Saene #8

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: royalty, woman scorned, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage

Release date: Feb 4, 2022



Prince Azikiwe didn’t get the ‘Player Zik’ moniker by chance. Life is for living, and rules are boring. Then his older brother jilts his betrothed and abdicates his royal title. Suddenly the constrictive crown prince title is thrust upon Zik, and his partying days come to an abrupt halt. The least of his worries, though. Now, he contends with the scorned, furious bride chosen for him and a nation at risk of falling into anarchy. Does he have what it takes to become the future king?


So, what do you think?

Check out this post which has all the five new covers for the Royal House of Saene: The Princes. There is also a giveaway.



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