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Nigeria is bleeding

Nigeria is bleeding and has been hemorrhaging for years. Every week brings news of mass murders, kidnappings and atrocities while the people in charge continue to pick at their navels and send condolences.

8 years ago, the country was promised an end to terrorism–not that I ever believed a word out of that man’s mouth. Instead, all they’ve done is re-label the terrorists as ‘bandits’ and ‘herdsmen’ and ‘kidnappers’ while the atrocities multiply.

Nigerians, if you do nothing else today, go and get your voter’s card. Do not let them blackmail you into apathy or waiting for Divine intervention. The only way to improve the situation is by doing something.

Cry. Lament. Pray. Vent.

Then, punish every politician that made the current regime possible and the ones that do nothing while you suffer. Vote them out.



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