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Prioritising projects and making the most of the festive season #Mondayblogs #amwriting

A weird thing happens to my imagination during this time of the year. It becomes overly active which means that I have several stories vying to be told all at the same time and I have to work hard in focusing on just one.

Unlike other people who tend to write fluffy holiday stories around this time of the year, stories I write in December tend to be intense.

For example, I wrote Riding Rebel around Dec/Jan. And who can forget Bound to Ransom, probably the most intense story I've ever written which was written in 2/3 weeks, also a product of my December energy.

So right now I have the following stories clamouring to be told:

  • Sacrifice - the sequel to Outcast

  • Untitled - (a collaboration project with Empi Baryeh and Nana Prah that will bring you the pomp and pageantry of princes and princesses. More info soon)

  • Bound to Liberty - James Coker's story. (Henry's brother)

  • Bound to Sin - This is Malik Danladi's story. Malik is Henry's brother from another mother. Malik is currently quite vivid and I'm not sure if to write his story before James or not.

  • Black Heart - the first book in the black warriors series.

So you can see that I've got a very crowded mind right now. Perhaps you can help me with sorting it out by suggesting which one to complete first.

Leave me a comment with your suggestions or send me an email. Please.



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