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Reasons to read Duke: Prince of Hearts #RomanticSuspense #99cents 500 naira

Reasons to read Duke: Prince of Hearts (Enders series #1)

  • one-night stand

  • enemies to lovers

  • family feud

  • she starts a war

  • scenes that will upset pearl-clutchers!

  • the ebook is only #99cents or ₦500 for a limited time

  • the paperback is less than $5 at Amazon (correct at the time of posting)

  • average 4.5 out of 5 stars ratings

Start the heart-thumping and exciting romantic suspense Enders series.


Duke’s life is about honour, loyalty, and respect for the business. Nothing else. Yet, one look at Carla across a crowded nightclub, and he breaks his own rules. One night with the seductive woman who calls to him like no other, and he wants to keep her.

But his troubled angel is a mafia princess who lives dangerously on the edge. She plays a desperate prank and sparks a cartel war.

Now, Duke is in a high-stakes battle to keep everything he loves. And he intends to win, come Hell or high water.



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