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#SampleSunday ENGAGED | Why is he doing this when he hasn’t bothered to contact her in months?

Hello, sweeties. It's been a hectic week and I missed the midweek tease. So many things to do and so little time. Still, I'm grateful.

Engaged (formerly Engagement Challenge) is one of the first books I wrote. Paul and his friends, Michael and Peter from the Challenge series were the original brothers-in-arms and paved the way for The Essien brothers, Ike and Henry (Bound series), Duke and Mason (Enders series) and to some extent, Sefu and his inner circle (Scar's Redemption).

In the story, Paul and Ijay meet during a party and have a one-night stand in London. Six months later they meet again when Ijay travels to Nigeria to work on a project with Paul's company.

This scene comes from their first meeting after six months.

Interestingly enough, this is another forced proximity themed story. LOL. I told you I seemed to have a thing for this theme. Enjoy.

Pamela stopped in front of a brushed steel door with the name, Paul Arinze, Managing Director, tagged on it and knocked.

“Come in,” the deep commanding voice was unmistakably Paul’s.

The pounding of her heart against her ribs increased. Even through the disjointed barrier of the wall and door, she could still feel the effect of his silken voice deep down in her core. Just like that first night.

This is it.

Pamela opened the door and allowed Charles to go in first. Taking a deep bolstering breath, Ijay stepped into the office behind Charles.

Paul stood up and walked round his wide steel desk. Her breath caught in her throat. In the light of day, he looked even more incredible than she remembered. In navy-blue pinstripe trousers, light-grey shirt and embroidered blue silk tie, Paul looked very potent and smart.

Instantly she recognised the tie. It was the same one he’d used to bind her hands that night. Images of the two of them bombarded her mind. Paul kissing her feet, licking her breasts, filling her up until she felt like every pore of her body was saturated with him. Her body came alive, the flame of lust licking her skin with heat. Her breasts heavy and aching with need.

Transfixed, she mentally shook her head but was unable to look away from Paul as he walked toward Charles. She’d forgotten just how powerfully lithe he was. The sureness and flow of his stride reminded her of his ability to ensnare her attention. Charles was a tall man but he stood shoulder to shoulder with Paul.

“My dear Charles, welcome to Abuja,” Paul said as they both shook hands and smacked each other on the back. He didn’t even glance at Ijay. It was almost as if she wasn’t there.

Could it be that he doesn’t remember me?

Her stomach churned, her mouth tasting the bitterness. Somehow she didn’t like the thought that he might have already forgotten about her in six months. Surely that was what she wanted all along. To forget and be forgotten.

No! Not when he’s wearing that tie. If I’m going to be made to remember every detail of him, then I want him to remember every detail of me too!

Anger bubbled in Ijay’s veins chasing the apprehension away. She stiffened her back and stood taller, focusing back her attention on the two men. It dawned on her then that Charles and Paul were friends. She hadn’t realised before and had thought the two were acquainted through Frederick. Perhaps not, by the way they had just hugged each other.

If her boss was very good friends with Paul, how would that affect her work and career if things went wrong? She didn’t know. It was more reason she had to keep her relationship with Paul professional for the duration of this project. She couldn’t jeopardise her work.

“It’s good to be here, my old friend,” Charles said confirming Ijay’s fear. I want to introduce you to Ijay. She’ll be working directly with you on the project on this end and feeding into the team in London.”

For the first time since they walked into his office, Paul turned his attention on her. His lips were lifted in a lopsided grin. Yet his black eyes were hard as granite. She sensed anger radiating from him, somehow. His smile was for the benefit of the audience. Is he angry at me? Why? She inhaled deeply, confused.

“Of course, I remember Ms. Amadi. She’s the wonderful lady that organised Frederick’s product launch event, right? I met her in London on my last visit,” his tone was light and still jovial.

Ijay stepped forward, extending her right hand to meet his. “That’s correct, Mr. Arinze,” she responded, happy that her legs didn’t wobble under Paul’s close observant gaze, forcing a cool smile on her face.

He took her hand into his firm calloused hand. A burst of electric energy travelled up her arm, pooling heat in her belly. Her eyes widened with surprise. She pulled at her hand. Slowly, he released it, his eyes sparkling with a knowing glint, his lips lifted in a half-amused smile.

Immediately, she knew he remembered everything. He’d worn that tie on purpose to remind her of their night together. Agitated, she bit her lower lip and looked away quickly, her heart fluttering wildly.

Why is he doing this when he hasn’t bothered to contact me in six months? Why now?


Three friends. Three challenges. Are they willing to risk everything for love?

When savvy PR consultant Ijay Amadi meets successful Industrialist Paul Arinze, the only things on her mind are to forget the pain of her failed relationship and enjoy the delights his branding touch and soul-searing kiss promise. It’s a one-time only event. Perfect.

However, Paul is annoyed to wake up and find her gone the next morning. He isn’t ready to forget the dark-haired beauty or their scorching night together just yet. So he plans to have Ijay right where he wants her—in Abuja, working on his latest business project by day and enjoying the pleasure of his bed by night.

Except when Ijay arrives, she’s wearing another man’s engagement ring. With the explosive desire between them threatening their priorities and loyalties, the stakes get higher by the minute. Who’ll be left standing at the altar when Ijay walks down the aisle?



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