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She followed the aroma downstairs to the kitchen | Kola (Essiens #4) #Romance #samplesunday

Today's sample comes from KOLA.

Have you read it?

She followed the aroma downstairs to the kitchen. The object of this morning’s decadent dream stood by the sink washing out a cup. He wore a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans trousers slung low on his hips. She stood there, staring at his firm butt showcased perfectly by blue denim. As she licked her lips, longing unfurled low in her belly.

"Good morning, Tari," he drawled, his tone knowing—as if he could read her thoughts.

Her cheeks heated, like she was a child caught doing something naughty. He turned to face her, flipping the kitchen towel over his shoulder, his expression totally unreadable, which unnerved her even more.

"’Morning, Kola," she replied, keeping her tone as casual as possible while her heart did an imitation of a hundred-metre sprint. Her legs felt like jelly. She walked to the breakfast table, pulled out a chair, and sat down. "You have a lovely house."

Focus on the modern sleek lines of the black and aluminium kitchen units and gadgets. Not on the owner!

She kept her line of sight away from Kola, admiring his taste in kitchen furniture. Looking anywhere else proved safer than looking at him.

"Thank you. Would you like something to eat?"

She lifted her gaze to see his dark eyes watching her intently. The longing spread from her belly to her nipples. They hardened under his scrutiny.

"No, thanks." She shook her head. "I’d like some of that coffee, though. Can I help myself?"

Before he answered, she stood up and opened the nearest overhead cupboard. She needed a distraction from looking at him. She had to suppress her body’s blatant response to Kola’s natural masculinity. Or go crazy. Kola was family, for goodness’ sake.

"Sure. Here’s a cup," he said as he took one out of the right cupboard and passed it to her.

Their fingers brushed each other’s. An electric bolt shot through her arm, heightening her awareness of him. She nearly dropped the porcelain cup and tightened her grip on it.

From her peripheral vision, she noticed Kola watched her as she poured her coffee and sweetened it. Ignoring him, she walked back to her chair. With her fingers wrapped around the warm cup, she tried to calm her quivering body. How could her body react so outrageously to this man?

She'd thought her reaction to him last weekend had been a fluke, the effect of 'something in the water' as they say or just plain old alcoholic inebriation.

Yet, here she sat, hiding behind a cup of coffee to avoid being intoxicated by the sight of a man.


KOLA is available in ebook and audiobook. Coming soon to paperback. Grab your copy.



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