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The fast way he held her made her want to wriggle away #LAPLoveNotes #Romance

Hello, sweeties.

I was away from the internet last week and spent the Easter weekend with family.

Welcome back to LAP Love Notes.

Today's post was inspired by this RWOWA post about butt (ass) grabs in romance novels.

In this snippet from Worthy, Challenge series book 3, Tessa certainly doesn't find it sweet or steamy.

“Come on, Tessa. Show me your moves.”

She placed her hands on his shoulders as he wrapped his arms around her back, his hands on her butt.

Peter hadn’t done that. He hadn’t groped her or leered at her. Still, she’d been turned on in his presence.

Now, Telema felt all wrong. Smelled all wrong. He smelled of alcohol and sweat mixed with cologne. He wasn’t as tall as Peter which meant she stood taller in her high heels. But Telema’s body was bulkier like someone who spent a lot of time lifting weights in the gym.

His erection pressed against her hip as he moved in sync with the song, squeezing her bum cheeks. Instead of getting excited, nausea roiled her stomach. The fast way he held her made her want to wriggle away. Her breath locked in her chest as if he was suffocating her.


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