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What do you enjoy about the novels you read? #amwriting #amreading

As a writer, it is an awesome feeling to discover not so much your writing voice but your writing style.

I love writing romantic stories, no doubt. Romance novels take two or more characters on an emotional journey as they build trust in each other, and overcome obstacles in their quest for a lasting relationship and happy ending.

Some romance stories take you on a wild adventure, like Romancing the Stone (Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas). Others make you laugh out loud, like The Bounty Hunter (Gerald Butler and Jennifer Aniston). Other make you bawl like a baby, like Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger) Yes I did bawl like a baby. J And others keep you on tenterhooks, like The Bodyguard (Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston). There are even others that send delicious tingles down your spine like Story of O (Corinne Clery and Anthony Steel).

I like to think that my stories keep readers on tenterhooks as well as send delicious tingles down their spine. Perhaps sometimes readers bawl and sometimes they laugh and occasionally they may go on an adventure too when they read my books.

What do you enjoy about the novels you read?

Kiru’s latest novel, Freddie Entangled, is out now.



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