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Available to preorder - SCREWDRIVER #steamyromance

Hi sweeties, if you follow me on social media, you'd know I took a break for a few weeks because we had a family bereavement. If you missed the announcement, here is the tribute to my father-in-law.

I'm slowly getting back to my routine. MY FIL's funeral is this week. Kids are going back to school next week and hopefully soon our family can have a semblance of normal life again.

On a more positive note, I have book news. Screwdriver is now available to preorder. Yay!

I know you guys have waited a while for this one and I appreciate all of you for your patience. Details are below.

Title: Screwdriver

Author: Kiru Taye

A Royal House of Saene spinoff

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Tags: friends-to-lovers, opposites attract, blue-collar, small town, forced proximity



For most of her adult life, boss-lady Oumou has wanted to leave her hometown in pursuit of big-city fame. All her closest friends are doing bigger and brighter things elsewhere; one is even dating a prince. However, her plans to leave small-town Bali are put on hold when the pandemic hits. At least there are some positives. She’s enduring lockdown with her friend, Yahya, who is her exact opposite in personality. But he’s sexy, easy on the eyes, and cleans up his messes. Opposites attract, right?

Mechanic Yahya has two obsessions—fixing damaged cars and his hometown of Bali. He has no desire for fame or fortune. Nevertheless, since flamboyant Oumou set up shop right across the road from his auto garage, he’s developed a new obsession with her. Each day at work, he glimpses her glorious smile and the temptation for her spirals. But why bother? She won’t even consider him—someone she labels as dull—and they are just too different to work.

Then Yahya and Oumou are stuck together as quarantine buddies, and their attraction combusts in the confines of the apartment. Soon the man so skilled at unscrewing her wheel-nut becomes the sexy hunk satisfying her every fantasy. But what happens when reality kicks in the door and their differences threaten to tear them apart?


Please note that Screwdriver is linked to my stories in the Royal House of Saene series, especially THE TAINTED PRINCE and THE FUTURE KING. So I recommend you read those while you wait for it. 😘😘

Lots of love,

Kiru 💞

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D H Pankey
D H Pankey

Done! Blessings as you last your father-in-law to rest...

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