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Chapter One: Part Two | BOUND TO LIBERTY

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The Bound to Liberty sneak peek continues.

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Chapter One: Part Two

If James could wangle it, they would be together for the rest of their lives.

There’d been years while pursuing his degree programme when they’d lost touch with each other.

Kezie’s parents had sent him and his twin, Gozie, abroad to study. When they’d returned to Nigeria, Kezie had sought James out.

“You’re very quiet tonight,” he said, leaning sideways so that he could speak in Kezie’s ear.

The loud music discouraged extended conversations.

This venue was designed for one purpose—letting all inhibitions loose with the help of booze, boogie, and booty. What else would anyone expect in a place named Bold?

However, the other man wasn’t usually subdued during their jolly jaunts. Jokes and lively conversations were his staples.

“Just have a few things on my mind.” Kezie waved off the curiosity with his left hand.

James’s scalp prickled. His inquisitive mind wouldn’t accept that there were things his lover kept from him. Still, a nightclub wasn’t the place to discuss personal issues.

He swallowed down the unease and focused on ways to liven up their evening. Perhaps he should drag his lover to a dark corner and canoodle, like Gozie, who currently indulged with his female dates.

Low lighting provided pockets of seclusion, allowing for intimacy and stolen moments.

He inclined his body towards Kezie, inhaling the scent of spicy cologne as well as musky skin. His pulse raced as he brushed his lips against his lover’s earlobe on purpose.

“Anything I can do to ease your mind?” James made sure his hot breath whispered against the other man’s flesh.

Kezie gasped and jerked his head back, his eyes wide and flashing amber fire. “What do you think you’re doing?”

James curled his mouth into a smirk. “Just doing what everyone else is doing. Having fun.”

“We can’t, and you know it. We’re in public.” The desire in Kezie’s eyes softened his harsh words.

James’s jaw tightened. This restraint placed on him, mainly by society, and partly by his boyfriend, to hide whom he loved in public proved to be a source of frustration.

Some of the dancers in the nightclub were in positions that bordered on pornographic.

Yet, he couldn’t even steal a simple kiss from the man he’d been in a relationship with for almost half his life.

James shrugged, trying to hide his growing discomfort. “No one is even looking in this direction. Gozie is busy with his women, and we’re in a dark corner.”

Kezie shook his head, and his eyes sparkled with sensual promise. “We’ll do whatever you want when we get back to mine.”

James had to accept his placating words. Puffing out air, he raised his hand, called the waiter, and ordered more drinks. He might as well sink himself into the booze since he wouldn’t be getting much out of Kezie until they were alone and in private.

One rule of their relationship forbade any public indications that they were ‘dating.’ This meant that sometimes, James had to watch Kezie with his female escorts.

Occasionally James, Kezie, and Gozie went out on triple dates, each paired with a woman. However, James had never allowed his female companions to think there would be anything more than platonic between them.

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