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Someone is being a bad girl #LAPLoveNotes #Suspense #Romance

Who's ready for the weekend? I am.

Welcome back to LAP Love Notes where writers share six lines from their published stories or works-in-progress.

This week, I've taken the snippet from Captive, Challenge series book 4 where Anuli is being a bad girl. Enjoy.

She stood by the sofa, not wanting to sit down without his invitation.

Bosco watched her, projecting deadly silence before he smiled, showing white teeth. “Oya, siddon for that chair. Tell me wetin you want.”

Her hands turned clammy and she brushed them against her jeans trousers and sat on the sofa with a squish of foam. She cleared her throat.

“I need a gun,” she blurted out.

He didn’t flinch or show any outward sign that her request startled him. He probably got the request frequently if he was a weapons dealer.


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