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TEASER TUESDAY: Tough Alliance (Enders series #6) #RomanticSuspense

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday and I'm sharing from my upcoming release TOUGH ALLIANCE. This scene is from the day after the third-act breakup. Amaoge is Maddox's sister. Enjoy

At the same time, someone got out of a car parked in the house's driveway.

Mesmerised, Zoe caught sight of polished black shoes and his long sturdy legs in tailored trousers as he stepped out of the SUV. She didn’t see his face immediately, just the tall, lean, muscular body wrapped in a suit designed to fit his body. His dark hair was cropped close to his scalp in a low fade. As he turned, the dark stubble indicated he hadn’t tidied his beard in a day or so. But it only accented his chiselled face.

As recognition dawned on Zoe, her skin tingled with the thought of having his rough beard rubbing the sensitive skin on her inner thighs.

Her husband was here.

No wonder her body awakened. It acknowledged her lover before she saw his face, and her brain made the connection.

Maddox lifted the pair of aviators shading his eyes from the sun as if he doubted their tinted view.

“Zoe? What are you doing here?” He took steps towards her, seemingly drawn to her by an invisible string.

“I came for a viewing,” she said, stunned into standing still. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m supposed to show a house.” He reared back, blinking rapidly. “Hang on. You’re here for a viewing? You’re Amaoge’s client?”

“Yes. And you’re the agent?” she asked tentatively, unsure what was happening.

“I told her to take it easy for a few days, and she roped me into acting as the agent for the viewing. I’m supposed to give you the portfolio and lock up once you’re done. But she never told me you were the client.”

“And she didn’t tell me you were the agent.”

They stared at each other silently for a few seconds, her ears ringing, her mind blank.


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